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Criminal Records Pick & Mix CD Set


5 hand picked CDs from our stock pile, including promos, over prints and rarities.

Argonaut -‘Argonaut’ CD Album. CRIM1032CD

Order a copy of Argonaut’s self titled album here

Argonaut – Classic Black T-Shirt

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Argonaut – ‘Touch Electric’ Single CRIM1030MP

Individual Tracks from 79p

1. Touch Electric 2. Two Lights 3. Two Lights (Remix) 4. More Life (Gonzoid Remix)

Just click to get it from iTunes / 7digital or Amazon

Rocketclover – ‘Some Kind of Clover: A quirky acoustic tribute to Metallica’ Album. CRIM1029MP

Individual Tracks from 79p

Metallica as you have never heard it before, produced by Henning Pauly (Sebastian Bach from Skid Row, James La Brie from Dream-Theater, Michael Sadler from Saga). Just click to buy the album or individual songs from iTunes or Amazon

The Kut T Shirt

The Kut – Classic Black T-Shirt


The Kut - Doesn't Matter Anyway / Closure - Out Now

The Kut – ‘Doesn’t Matter Anyway’ / ‘Closure’ Double A-Side Single MP3 CRIM1027MP

Individual Tracks from 79p

Just click to buy from iTunes Amazon HMV or 7digital

1. Doesn’t Matter Anyway 2. Closure

The Kut - Doesn't Matter Anyway / Closure - Out Now

The Kut – ‘Doesn’t Matter Anyway’ / ‘Closure’ CD Single CRIM1027CD

1. Doesn’t Matter Anyway 2. Closure

The Kut - Doesn't Matter Anyway / Closure - Limited Edition Vinyl Out Now

The Kut – ‘DMA / Closure’ Limited Edition Green Vinyl CRIM1027VL

1. Doesn’t Matter Anyway 2. Closure

Great find. In parts reminds me of Placebo (which is a great thing and its not to Sleeper / garbage). Plus its in Club NME Hull top 10 this week. Club NME

The Kut - Doesn't Matter Anyway - Music Video - Out now! The Kut – ‘Doesn’t Matter Anyway’ Video CRIM1027V

CLICK HERE to get the video from iTunes – £1.89

The Kut - The Vision

Debut Demo Single

1. The Vision 2. Sevens 3. The Vision Part 2 (Murda Mix) 4. The Vision (Living Dead Remix)

Neon City out Now

The Exits – ‘Neon City’ Remix CD Single CRIM1023CD


1. Neon City 2. Neon City (Daztronik Remix) 3. Neon City (Bobby O’Donnell Remix) 4. Neon City (Udy’s Bright Lights Edit)

The Exits EP out Now

The Exits – ‘The Exits’ CD EP CRIM1024CD


1. Neon City 2.
Three Minute Warning 3.
You Gotta Help Me Out 4.

Neon City Video out Now The Exits – ‘Neon City’ VIDEO CRIM1025DV


DOWNLOAD: Only £1.29 – CLICK HERE to get it from iTunes

As playlisted on Q Tracks, Kick TV & Channel 28. Also featured on Bebo with over 100,000 views.


Underdog EP Underdog – ‘Sunny Estate’ CD EPCRIM1019CD.



‘The Criminal Sessions’ [CD Compilation Album] CRIM999CD


The Kut – ‘Poisonest’ CD EP CRIM1000CD


Lowstar – ‘Lowstart’ CD EP



Sometimes subdued, sometimes enraged, full of melody, creativity and emotion.


Les Figurines – ‘Criminal Infection’ CD EP CRIM1003CD


Norton – ‘Two Weeks Of Feast, Two Weeks Of Famine’ CD EP CRIM1009CD


An eclectic mix of Indie, Rock and Pop by Norton. Co-produced and mixed by Matthew Ollivier (Manic street preachers, Doves, The Veils)

DTI + Hypercube – ‘Genremorphic Collective’ CD EP CRIM1010CD


Industrial rock from a duo of dynamic producers, involved in over 60 Releases world wide: (BlueRoom/TIP World /Warner/Cleopatra/Hypnotic)

Shuffle – ‘whatsthatyougot?’ CD EP CRIM1013CD.


Morviscous – ‘EP1’ CD EP CRIM1017CD


This group of young men mix experimental jazz, rock and flavourful time changes. If any band was to bring jazz to the forefront of the popular music scene, it would be Morvisous